Creating a Flight Simulator in Unity3D Part 1: Flight

I’ve been playing Ace Combat and Project Wingman recently. This inspired me to write my own flight simulator using Unity3D. I wanted to make a flight sim with more depth than the arcade flight sims, while still being accessible.

You can think of realism as a spectrum. On one end is Ace Combat and at the other is more serious sims like Digital Combat Simulator. While researching I found Tiny Combat by Why485. This game sits somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, which is basically exactly what I want. The game requires the player to understand concepts like energy management without needing several semesters worth of classes to get the plane off of the ground. It’s got a pretty slick art style too.

So I set out to make my own. Here’s a demo based on what this blog series will cover:

This post is also available in video form:

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