Drawing Mushrooms with Vulkan

There’s a niche genre of music on the internet called “oscilloscope music”. This is electronic music that is designed to be visualized with an oscilloscope. Music visualizers have existed for a long time, but they often just display an image that represents the audio abstractly. Oscilloscope music allows the musician to draw arbitrary shapes using sound.

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Creating Minecraft in One Week with C++ and Vulkan Week 3

Now that I have a terrain generator, I can start refining the rendering systems. Day 15 Even though the terrain generator was working, it was hard to see since the tops and sides of the blocks were the same bright green color. To make the shape of the terrain easier to see, and to make … Read more

Creating Minecraft in One Week with C++ and Vulkan

I took a crack at recreating Minecraft in one week using a custom C++ engine and Vulkan. I was inspired by Hopson, who did the same using C++ and OpenGL. Hopson was, in turn, inspired by Shane Beck, who was inspired by Minecraft, which was inspired by Infiniminer, which was presumably inspired by real world mining.

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Optimizing a Vulkan Program Part 1: Introduction

This is the first in a series of blog posts about how I wrote and optimized VkColors, a small compute program written using Vulkan. During the summer between university semesters, I found a post on the Code Golf Stack Exchange. The challenge was to generate an image with all possible RGB colors, arranged however the … Read more